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Mar Vista Fright Night is a great place to take the kids on halloween night for a little excitement.

Although there are some dangers to people who have conditions...

If you have any case of'ceribal palsy' or 'eppilepsy' or 'turrets' you may want to stay away from our haunt.

If you have a pace-maker then you also might want to stay away from our haunt because some of the electronics in there will mess with the pace-maker.

If we have made anyone feel left out we are sorry, we dont mean to not include you but its for your own saftey.

The history of our haunt
It all started when we first moved to Mar Vista. Our next door neighbor gave us a little card board house. Me and my mom started to decorate the front yard as a grave yard. From there we started to become known around our neighborhood. The yard haunt got bigger and bigger every year. One year (our 8th year doing the grave yard) I asked my friend Brian if he wanted to get together and make a haunted house in my front yard. Brian and I got together and we made our haunted house. The first year was great, we got fan mail, and we had tons of fun. The only reason my mom let us build our haunted house in the yard was because our house was under construction and our grass and yard were totalled from the construction. The next year me and brian got to build haunt even bigger. It covered most of our front yard and it took tripple the work as it did to make the haunt the first year. The only bad part about 2003 was that it started to rain, this was bad. But luckily we got enough people through the haunted house that night to be satisfied, it was about 300 people in 3 hours. Sadly this year we will not be doing a haunted house we will be doing a simple yard haunt due to limited space and short funding. sorry if we have let any of you down.

Happy hauntings...


We have some select people that we would like to thank for helping to make this haunted house happen...
Jeff Karr
Brian Rourke
Ginnetheon aka'G' Turner
Bobby Minueh
Doree Karr
Gary Karr
Mike Rourke

and most of all....

All of our frequent visitors!

Email Me!


we are located in Mar Vista on Purdue Ave. you will be able to spot us once your on the block.